International Dutch Championship

The IDC Championship 2021 will be held in 2 classes 600cc and 3 classes 1000cc.

Minimum age for participation with a 600cc is 15 years, minimum age for participation with a 1000cc is 17 years.

IDC class Age Laptime TT Circuit Assen
Dutch ProClass 600 from 15 year between 1.52.0 - 2.12.0 min.
Dutch Supersport from 15 year faster than 1.51.9 min.
Dutch SportClass 1000 from 17 year between 1.52.0 - 2.12.0 min.
Dutch ProClass 1000 from 17 year between 1.51.9 - 1.48.0 min.
Dutch Superbike from 17 year faster than 1.47.9 min.

IDC license

To participate in the International Dutch Championship you need an IDC license. This can be either a year license or a day license. With a day license you can participate in a maximum of 3 IDC races per year and in addition to the 501km of Assen. Riders holding a valid license from a foreign association must apply for an IDC day- or IDC year license to participate in IDC races.

To obtain an IDC license you can apply via this website. If you have not previously had a motorcycle race license, or have not ride motorcycle races for 3 years, you need to follow a motorcycle race license course. CRT organizes its motorcycle race license course on Friday April 9th 2021 at the TT Circuit Assen for the first IDC race of the season on Saturday April 10th 2021.

The CRT motorcycle race license course consists of 5 practical sessions alternated by theory sessions plus a written theory exam with questions about the flag codes. At the organizations Trackdays4all or TOMS you can also follow the motorcycle racing license course for your IDC license. When applying for the IDC license you must enclose the license certificate of the relevant organization.

Clothing and helmet regulations

Wearing a solid leather one-piece racing overall, back protector, leather gloves and leather racing boots which are provided with good ankle protection are mandatory during the CRT motorcycle racing license course. In addition, you must wear a helmet of the integral type and it must be provided with the ECE.22.05 quality mark and a double D-closure.

Prices 2021

CRT motorcycle racing license course: € 240,00
IDC year license: € 165,00 (per year)
IDC day license: € 30,00 (per event) applies for a maximum of 3 IDC races and the 501km of Assen
Registration fee: € 55,00 (per year)

Registration fee IDC race TT Circuit Assen type 3 day: € 240,00 (incl. rental transponder)
Registration fee IDC race TT Circuit Assen type 2 day: € 270, 00 (incl. rental transponder)
Entry fee IDC race Motopark Oschersleben 18-19-20 Juni : € 425,00 (2 races)
Entry fee IDC race Nürburgring 2-3-4 Juli: € 430,00 (2 races)
Entry fee IDC Endurance, 501 km from Assen: € 875,00 per team
Entry fee 16-17-18 July 2021 TT Circuit Assen type 2 day: € 395,00
Program: 1 x free practice, 2 qualifications, warm up, 2 races
Entry fee IDC race Motopark Oschersleben 6-7-8 August: € 425,00 (2 races)

Pitbox rental TT Circuit Assen per box per day: € 125,00 (deposit for the key is € 100,00).


It is possible to pay the costs via Ideal. If the payment is not made 3 weeks before the date of the event a direct debit will be done unless stated otherwise.
Payment is confirmation of registration.
Registration of year licenses go for registrations of day licenses up to 3 weeks before the event.


Cancellation for an IDC race is possible up to 3 weeks before a race minus € 50,00 administration costs.
Cancelation within 21 days to 7 days before an IDC race the participant will receive 50% of the registration fee back.
Cancellation from 7 days before an IDC race no refund of the registration fee will be made.
In case of breakdown, crash, engine damage or any other reason there will be no refund of the entry fee if you cancel 1 week before the race.

Exception: IDC licensees, who are injured 7 days before an IDC race during a CRT track day or an IDC race or have such damage that cannot be ridden, can request a partial refund with the IDC organization via email.
Canceling or moving booked IDC races is only possible by sending an email to:

If races are canceled due to force majeure (bad weather conditions, oil on the track, etc.) no refunds will be made by the organizer.